Donnerstag, 30. Juni 2011

Pleated Purse

 This is not a new bag to me, but what I've seen here for the first time, is how to include inside pockets. 

Juggling Balls - Jonglierbälle

My boyfriend has asked me to make him a couple of those a long while ago. And I still didn't do them yet. I started...and then gave up, I don't know why, it shouldn't be too hard. I guess I got too confused about the filling part. But now I finally found a little tutorial that will make it a lot easier for me.

Rocket Drawstring Bag - Raketenturnbeutel

Felt Toy Truck

Snuggly Owl

I can't stop posting from this site. I just love all those ideas. My little girl will love this owl!

Flip-Flop Back Straps

Fluffy Pettiskirt

my little girl is far far away from wearing one of those, but I still think its sooo pretty I will have to remember this!

Pixiebooks wrapper - Pixiebuch Hülle für unterwegs

Water Bottle Holder - Beutel für Trinkflasche

Headband - Haarband

Pinwheel Quilted Coasters

Lunch Bag

Dress Up Crown - Eine Krone für Fashing/Geburtstag

Skirt with Built-in Shorts - Rock mit integrierten Shorts

World map - Weltkarte

I used to have a huge map colored on the wall in my old apartment but since we moved we couldn't enjoy that feeling of having the world at home anymore. In our new apartment we don't have the space anymore, so this smaller example of our precious world(map) might be a good(looking) alternative.

Letter pillows - Buchstabenkissen

Pinwheel - Windrädchen

Mittwoch, 29. Juni 2011

Mini Wallet

Mini coloring tote

Pleated Pouch

Lunch Sack

Bike Basket - Fahrradkorb

Gathered Belt

Money Cuff - Armbandgeldbeutel

Fabric Travel Chair - Reisehochstuhl aus Stoff

Blanket with sleeves - Kuscheldecke zum reinschlüpfen

picture by "this MAMA makes stuff"
tutorial by "Welmoed Sisson"

Old Jeans Wall Hanging - Jeanstaschenorganisationswand :-)

Repurposing a t-shirt

Quilted Coasters - Untersetzer

Felt Fishing Set - Filzfische fangen

Cuff Watch - Neues Armband für alte Uhr

Oh so sweet finger puppets - so süße Fingerpuppen

Valentine Owl

Triangular Pouch

Scrappy Clutch - Handtasche

Does anyone know a tutorial for that???

I found this picture, but not a tute for it. I know its made out of one or two deck of cards and it shouldn't be too hard to figure it out (your-)myself, but still, a tutorial would be great!
So please leave a comment and let me know!

Knot Tote

Chalk Mat with Storage Pocket - Tafelfolie für unterwegs

Hedgehog - Kuscheligel

Lantern Makeover - Laternenverschönerung

Peter Pan Costume

Foldie Bag - Umhängetäschchen

Kids drawing case- kleines Malmäppchen

Lego Sack or anything else you want to put in

Lace belt - Gürtel mit Spitze selbstgemacht

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